Practice areas


Help for the creative professional

When our art is shared with others, whether as collaborators, patrons or customers, it's important to establish legal agreements and protections to ensure the drama stays on the stage, set, canvas or written page.  I help creatives wtih:

     - Contracts and Leases

     - Copyrights/Trademarks

     - Entertainment law issues


Help for everyday situations

While I'm selective about my clients, I'm less limited in what i can do to help.  From time to time, legal disputes affect us all, but I help clients prepare for, avoid or reduce the impact of:

     - Criminal matters

     - Tenancy issues and leases

     - Domestic and Estate planning questions


Businesses and Non-profits

Owning or running a small business or non-profit organization comes with its own challenges, and more chance for legal complications.  I help these businesses navigate:

     - Employment Issues

     - Contracts with vendors and  clients